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Our hard chromed plated bars and tubes are available in different versions. Hard chromed plated are mainly used as piston rod for hydraulic cylinders. Because of their surface hardness (< 66 HRc), outside roughness (Ra max. 0,25) and straightness, chromed bars are also used in linear motion and other applications. Due to chrome layer, the chrome plated bars and tubes can successfully be used in applications working in extreme conditions, for example the chemical industry with exposure to aggressive agents, mining equipment, oil and gas, aerospace and the marine environment.


We stock chrome plate bars and tubes for the shipping industry, industry and offshore. There are different possibilities: In a more aggressive environment, stainless steel or nickel chromed bars can be used. For more durable chromed bars, such as in mines and deserts, induction hardened chromed bars are available. Check our product specifications document on our website and discover every possibility.


When choosing your chrome plated bar or tube, it is important to be aware of the most relevant parameters of the offered material. We recommend you to pay close attention to: strength of the material (min. yield strength), weldability of the material, corrosion resistance of the bar/tube and the hardness of the surface of the bar. Do you need another size? Let us know. Do you need advise? Contact us and we will help you.


Our chrome plated bars and tubes are supplied with a 3.1 certificate. This means that they’re delivered according the official rules and technical rules. The certificate includes the material quality, material standards, charge- and testnumbers, mechanical properties and chemical composition. Because of this, you will know what to expect. All our products are made of high quality, which have a long life: a real investment.

Chrome plated bars and tubes requests?

Do you have special requests? Through our exclusive distributorships, we can offer you a very comprehensive delivery program, which fulfill your requirements. Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities. We are able to provide you extensive information about our products and expert advice, whenever you want.


JB Tubes BV | Chrome plated bars and tubes

JB Tubes BV | Chrome plated bars and tubes

JB Tubes BV | Chrome plated bars and tubes